Microcontroller selection

For the microcontroller I'm using is the Fez Panda II running the .net micro framework.
Here's a link to more info about it http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/256
I evaluated some other boards that I had availalable.  Here were my results:
  • Arduino Uno:  Good price, somewhat limited on IO, supports arduino shield form factor, no debugger in free development tools, good support community.
  • Netduino Mini: Good price, really cool little board, IO limit takes this out of contention.  Was good for prototyping though.
  • Netduino Plus: Pretty much the same as arduino but runs the .Net Micro Framework using ARM7.  Wish they exposed all of the IO of the processor.
  • Beagle Board:  Too pricey for this application.  Very powerful but overkill for this project.  Limited IO so it would need expansion.
  • PIC CUI: Not really a contender but I had it laying around and have used it for other projects.  good debugger support. limited IO and mem.
  • Fez Panda II: Very similar to Netduino Plus but has all of the IO exposed.  Doesn't have ethernet built in but can be added if desired,  faster and more mem than Netduino, good support community, sd support, runs proprietary firmware but can be erased to be used as a straight ARM7 board or to do a .Net Micro Framework port (easing the licensing constraints)
I wanted to learn the .Net Micro Framework and the Panda II seemed like a good fit for what I need to do.